A Dark Rabbit has Seven Lives

A Dark Rabbit has Seven Lives

Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi

24 min. per ep.

Now showing: Ep 12/12

Type: TV

Season: Summer 2011

Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, Supernatural, Vampire

Streaming: CrunchyrollVRV

Studios: Zexcs

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When Taito Kurogane was little he met Himea Saito, a vampire girl who gave him a curse of living after dying, but dies after being killed the 7th time. Himea was then taken away from Taito, who loses all memory of her. After 9 years, Taito is now in high school, and has freed Himea, and they begin to catch up on the 9 years away from each other.

(Source: ANN)

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