Belladonna of Sadness Trailer

Belladonna of Sadness

Kanashimi no Belladonna

1 hr. 27 min.

Status: Ep Full

Type: Movie

Season: Summer 1973

Genres: Dementia, Drama, Historical

Streaming: AmazonTubiTV

Studios: Mushi Production

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The beautiful Jeanne marries a man named Jean, and the happy newlyweds make their way to the Lord’s castle with a cow’s worth of money for his blessings. However, the demonic Lord is unmoved by their offering, ignoring their desperate, impoverished pleas. The Lord’s wife offers an alternative: Jeanne must become the Lord’s conquest for the night in a ritual deflowering.

Scarred by the experience, the shaken Jeanne receives no sympathy from her husband. Instead, she is neglected. But as Jeanne drifts off to sleep, she is met by a strange spirit that encourages her to deliver retribution to those who wronged her. And with a mysterious surge of pleasure and an unquenching libido, Jeanne agrees.

Belladonna of Sadness is a captivating, psychosexual adventure that tells a story of cunning witchcraft and deceitful superstition in a poor, rural village of medieval France.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]

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