Beyond the Boundary -I’LL BE HERE-: Past Trailer

Beyond the Boundary -I’LL BE HERE-: Past

Kyoukai no Kanata: I'LL BE HERE - Kako-hen

1 hr. 22 min.

Now showing: Ep Full

Type: Movie

Season: Winter 2015

Genres: Action, Fantasy, Supernatural

Streaming: HidiveVRV

Studios: Kyoto Animation

4.85/ 5 1 votes
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In this compilation film of the original TV series, Mirai Kuriyama meets a half-human, half-yomu immortal named Akihito Kanbara. In the invisible war between yomu and Spirit Warriors, two unlikely allies find themselves at the boundary between both worlds. With her power to manipulate her blood, Mirai finds herself tangled in a war she didn’t ask for, but ultimately can’t avoid…

(Source: Sentai Filmworks)

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