Chance Pop Session

Chance Pop Session

Chance Triangle Session

24 min. per ep.

Status: Ep 13/13

Type: TV

Season: Spring 2001

Genres: Drama, Music, Slice of Life

Streaming: CrunchyrollHidiveVRV

Studios: Madhouse

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Three young girls, strangers to each other, share an instinctual passion and talent for music. Brought together from distinctly different worlds, they meet by chance at the concert of their idol. The concert strikes a chord in each of their hearts and unites them with a common dream of stardom.The girls each enroll in the same music school and are brought together again in a special class for exceptional talent. As their voices come together in harmony, the girls realize that they share more than just a passion for song. A mysterious blue stone, a hauntingly beautiful melody… What do these traces of the past have to do with the uncertain future of this gifted trio?

(Source: Rightstuf)

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