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Dragon Half

Dragon Half


26 min. per ep.

Type: OVA

Season: Spring 1993

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Parody

Streaming: CrunchyrollRetro CrushVRV

Studios: Production I.G

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Knights and Dragons are mortal enemies, right? And everyone knows what happens when a Knight meets a Dragon, right? Wrong! When a Knight and a Dragon meet and fall in love, the result is Mink, a precocious young female who’s half human, half dragon and all trouble! Exactly how much trouble? Having vestigial wings and a tail isn’t a problem most teenage girls have to bear. However, when Mink insists on compounding her difficulties to infinite proportions by falling in love with handsome pop star and professional Dragon Slayer, Dick Saucer, she really has put her heart before her head!

(Source: Crunchyroll)

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