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Dropout Idol Fruit Tart Trailer

Dropout Idol Fruit Tart

Ochikobore Fruit Tart

24 min. per ep.

Type: TV

Season: Fall 2020

Genres: Music, Slice of Life

Streaming: BiliBiliFunimationWakanim

Studios: feel.

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Former showbiz stars Roko, Hayu, and Nina live together in a dormitory for dropout idol girls. As timing would have it, young dreamer Sakura happens to move in with the other girls just as an announcement is made to tear down the dorm due to a 100-million-yen debt!

This leads to the unexpected formation of a new idol group called Fruit Tart. Their sole mission: earn some yen and stop the demolition.

(Source: Funimation)

Alternative Titles: Ochikobore Fruit Tart, Dropout Idol Fruit Tart, OchiFuru, おちこぼれフルーツタルト

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