Anime.Stream is created by fans and for fans. We are not sponsored by any company.

What is Anime.Stream?

Anime.Stream is both an anime streaming website, and an anime search engine. We stream the anime on Anime.Stream if permitted, or link to legitimate websites such as: Crunchyroll, Funimation, Hidive, Netflix, Hulu …

Unlike other anime databases like MAL or Anilist, Anime.Stream only displays anime that have been streamed on the internet, helping users save time searching for anime.

Does Anime.Stream have a license for streaming?

No, but Youtube and Crunchyroll allow Anime.Stream to embed their player. Through Anime.Stream, Crunchyroll and Youtube still serve the same ads for non-premium members.

So if you watch anime on Anime.Stream means you are also watching the anime on Crunchyroll or Youtube (similar to MAL and Anime-Planet).

* Anime.Stream is completely legal, no copyright infringement.

Why can’t I watch anime?

Anime is not available worldwide. The player may not be available depending on where you are located.

Most of the anime on Anime.Stream is available to users in North America. If not available in North America, we’ll note in yellow in Synopsis: Due to licensing limitations, X server is only available in regions: A, B, C…

If you are watching the anime of Funimation, please follow the instructions below:

Sometimes you must be logged into Funimation to confirm your age to access certain content. You should upgrade your Funimation account to access all content.

If the player shows the message: “Sorry, this video has been blocked”, it means the streaming license has expired. Please report to us to take the video down.

Can I use VPN software to watch anime?

Using a VPN is violates the terms and conditions of the streaming sites. However, no one can tell if you are using a VPN or not. This question is something like: “Are you 18 years old or not?” The answer belongs to you.

Which website will be added?

We only add the following legitimate websites: Crunchyroll, Youtube, Funimation, Hidive, Hulu, Netflix, and AnimeLab. We will not add websites like: 9Anime, 4Anime, Twist Moe… or any similar website.

We restrict add Netflix, Amazon, Tubi TV, Adultt Swim, ReroCrush, Midnigh Pulp, CONtv (only add when there is no other option).

We don’t want to add VRV because the anime on VRV is provided by Crunchyroll and Hidive.

You will also find the anime on:  iTunes, Vudu, Microsoft, HBO Max,… But we won’t add them because it’s not necessary.

Does Anime.Stream have a mobile app?

No, because we have designed the website interface to be mobile friendly. You just need to use a web browser to access Anime.Stream.

Does Anime.Stream have manga?

No, only anime (streaming). We won’t add manga or DVDs… Sorry about that.

Can I register / login?

We do not require users to create an account. We know that you already have to create a lot of accounts and it will be annoying to create more. And we also don’t sell users’ information. You can read the privacy policy for more details.

So where do I save my progress?

MAL and Anilist are doing very well in that. We don’t want to take their jobs. Please donate to MAL and Anilist if you like what they are doing.

Why am i seeing ad?

Anime.Stream displays Google ads, these ads are not offensive. This is the only source of the meager and the only revenue we have to operate. If you use ad blocker, please add Anime.Stream to whitelist.

The ads when you watch the anime are displayed by Youtube, Crunchyroll, Funimation. There’s nothing we can do with those ads. You can pay to see ads for free.

If you still have any questions, please contact us via email: [email protected].