What is Anime.Stream?

Anime.Stream a search engine for legal anime streams. We embed or link to websites such as: Crunchyroll, Funimation, Hidive, AnimeLab, VRV… makes it easy to find and watch anime legally.

Is it legal to watch anime on Anime.Stream ?

Absolutely, watching is totally legal. We also do not host the anime, we link to them.

Is it safe to access Anime.Stream?

You can see that this site has no malicious ads or malicious code. We do not collect/sell your personal information. We also do not ask users to pay or donate. This site is for you, completely free and secure.

Why can’t I watch anime?

Anime is not available worldwide.

Broadcasting rights in the countries are negociated during the proposition to purchase licenses. It is possible for an editor to aquire rights by territory or worlwide. This allows producers to sell the same serie multiple time at different rate according to the market destination. Similar methods are used in the television industry. _Wakanim_

Where can I report broken links?

You can email us at: contact@anime.stream or comment below anime with broken link.

What is US/GB/DE/ES…?

It is the country code for which the streaming service is available. There are actually many countries available, but we only show one of them. To see if your country is available, try visiting the link. For country code details, please visit: countrycode.org

Can I use VPN to watch anime?

Using a VPN is violates the terms and conditions of the streaming sites. However, no one can tell if you are using a VPN or not. This question is something like: “Are you 18 years old or not?” The answer belongs to you. 

If you want a quality VPN service that is convenient on both laptops and phones, we recommend Hola.org.

Does Anime.Stream have a mobile app?

No, because we have designed the website interface to be mobile friendly. You just need to use a web browser to access Anime.Stream.

Does Anime.Stream have manga?

No, only anime (streaming).

Can I register / login / save progress?

We do not require users to create an account. We know that you already have to create a lot of accounts and it will be annoying to create more. You can save progress in MAL, Anilist, Anime Planet, AniDB, Kitsu…

Why am i seeing ad?

Anime.Stream shows Google ads, which are safe and not annoying. This is the only source of the meager and the only revenue we have to operate. If you use ad blocker, please add Anime.Stream to whitelist.

If you still have any questions, please contact us via email: contact@anime.stream.