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Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory Trailer

Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory


24 min. per ep.

Type: TV

Season: Spring 2018

Genres: Action, Mecha, Military

Streaming: BiliBiliCrunchyrollFunimationVRVWakanim

Studios: Xebec

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BiliBili SG Sub Free
Crunchyroll US Sub Free
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VRV US Sub Free
Wakanim SE English Unknown

Kaname’s a popular girl at her high school, but it’s her popularity off campus that’s the problem. Unbeknownst to Kaname, terrorists are plotting her abduction, believing she possesses the abilities of the “Whispered.” That’s where Sousuke enters the picture. He’s a soldier from Mithril, a secret counter-terrorist unit—and he’s going undercover at Kaname’s school to try and keep her safe.

(Source: Crunchyroll)

Alternative Titles: Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory, Full Metal Panic! IV, フルメタル・パニック!Invisible Victory

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