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Futsal Boys!!!!!

Futsal Boys!!!!!


24 min. per ep.

Type: TV

Season: Winter 2022

Genres: Sports

Streaming: BiliBiliFunimation

Studios: Diomedea

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Haru Yamato was never interested in futsal ever since the sport gained international fame 10 years ago. However, a chance to watch Japanese futsal player Tokinari Tennoji compete at the U-18 World Cup completely changed his perspective. When given the opportunity on his first day at Koyo Gakuen High School, Haru enthusiastically joins the futsal club.

There, he meets a variety of talented players including captain Toi Tsukioka, who was a part of the same U-18 team as Tennoji. Despite having a dynamic roster, the Koyo Futsal Club has a long way ahead when it comes to assembling a team that can stand up to powerhouse opponents—especially for Haru, who is a total beginner to the sport!

[Written by MAL Rewrite]

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