Giant Gorg

Giant Gorg

Kyoshin Gorg

25 min. per ep.

Status: Ep 26/26

Latest episode: 262524

Type: TV

Season: Spring 1984

Genres: Action, Adventure, Mecha, Sci-Fi

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Studios: Sunrise

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Yuu Tagami was never close with his father. Yet after the old man’s accidental death, Yuu finds himself on a plane to New York City, following instructions written in a letter from his late father. New York is as strange as it gets for the boy from Japan, but stranger still is Dr. Wave, the man he’s supposed to meet. Dr. Wave shares an obsession with the deceased concerning the mysterious New Austral Island.

(Source: Crunchyroll)

Alternative Titles: Kyoshin Gorg, Kyojin Gorg, 巨神ゴーグ〈ジャイアントゴーグ〉

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