GoShogun: The Time Étranger

GoShogun: The Time Étranger

Sengoku Majin Goushougun: Toki no Etranger

1 hr. 29 min.

Status: Ep Full

Latest episode: 01

Type: Movie

Season: Spring 1985

Genres: Action, Sci-Fi

Streaming: CrunchyrollRetro CrushVRV

Studios: Production Reed

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Parent story: GoShogun

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In Goshogun the Time Etranger, forty years after the events of the TV series, Remy Shimada, ex-pilot of the GoShogun, suffers a terrible accident while on her way to a meeting with her former robot-piloting comrades. While they rush to the hospital, Remy floats between life and death. She sees visions of her life when she was young, and stranger still, experiences a hallucination of being with her friends, all of them young again, in a mysterious city filled with hostile fanatics.

Far from being the reunion Remy hoped for, a ghastly letter arrives for each member of the team that predicts their gruesome deaths. Slated to die in two days, both in reality and in her dream, Remy struggles to find a way out of the City of Fate, relying on the memories of her friends to see her through, even as they surround her death bed in the waking world.

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Alternative Titles: Sengoku Majin Goushougun: Toki no Etranger, Time Stranger, Goshogun: The Time Etranger, 戦国魔人ゴーショーグン 時の異邦人[ÉTRANGER[エトランゼ]]

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