Ikki Tousen

Ikki Tousen

24 min. per ep.

Status: Ep 50/50

Latest episode: AnimeLabFunimation

Type: TV

Season: Summer 2003

Genres: Ecchi, Martial Arts, School, Super Power

Streaming: AnimeLabFunimation

Studios: J.C.Staff

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  • Romaji: Ikkitousen
  • Native: 一騎当千


Everyone wants a piece of the new girl in town, but there’s nothing that turns Hakufu on more than a brutal street fight. And with no shortage of enemies, why take on one guy when you can take on ten? In this adventure where teenage brawlers are guided by the spirits of ancient warriors, Hakufu flashes her panties and cracks some skulls—but she might not escape her dark destiny.

(Source: Funimation)

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