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InuYasha Movie 4: Guren no Houraijima

InuYasha Movie 4: Guren no Houraijima

1 hr. 27 min.

Now showing: Episode 1

Latest episode: 01

Type: Movie

Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Demons, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Magic, Romance, Shounen, Supernatural

Studios: Sunrise

Source: Manga

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Alt Titles

InuYasha the Movie 4: Fire on the Mystic Island | Inu Yasha: Guren no Houraijima | 犬夜叉 紅蓮の蓬莱島


Within the dark recesses of Horai Island, a group of half-demons live under the demonic rule of the Four War Gods. Escaping with barely a shred of hope, Ai, the youngest of the half-demons, returns to the island with Inuyasha, who must face not only the Four War Gods, but the past he left behind on the island fifty years ago.