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Love Hina Again

Love Hina Again

ラブ ひな Again

30 min. per ep.

Type: OVA

Season: Winter 2002

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Romance, Shounen

Streaming: CrunchyrollRetro CrushVRV

Studios: Xebec

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Keitaro and Naru have begun college life at Tokyo University! After a long period of studying, bizarre happenings, random trips, and misunderstanding upon misunderstanding, their dream has finally come true!

However, their feelings for each other are still a little… muddled. And just when Naru decides to get things out in the open once and for all, Keitaro disappears on an archaeological dig! With Naru’s old flame Seta!

And as if that’s not enough to cause trouble at the Hinata Apartments, a new manager has been selected to run the place during Keitaro’s absence. Kanako, Keitaro’s sister, has a lot of ideas about how things should be done and begins making changes. But while Keitaro was laid back and easy going, Kanako believes in rules and discipline. Will anyone survive Hinata Boot Camp?

(Source: Crunchyroll)

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