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Love Rice

Love Rice

Love Kome: We Love Rice

4 min. per ep.

Status: Ep 24/24

Latest episode: 242322

Type: TV

Season: Spring 2017

Genres: Slice of Life

Studios: Encourage Films

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“The Harvest Show” is a concert where all of the different grains show off their beauty to everyone watching, and “HarveStars” is the name given to the grains who put on the best performances. In this age of rice acreage reduction policies and Westernization of eating habits, bread has become the most popular grain in Japan, and tables are dominated by “Yeast King,” the bread HarveStars. But five new rice students have enrolled at Kokuritsu Inaho Academy, a school on the verge of shutting down, and they form a new group called “Love Rice” that’s practicing to beat Yeast King…

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Alternative Titles: Love Kome: We Love Rice, ラブ米 -WE LOVE RICE-, Love Kome: We Love Rice Nikisaku, ラブ米 -WE LOVE RICE- 二期作

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