Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea Trailer

Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea

Nagi no Asukara

24 min. per ep.

Now showing: Ep 26/26

Type: TV

Season: Fall 2013

Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Streaming: CrunchyrollFunimationNetflixVRV

Studios: P.A. Works

4.8/ 5 2 votes
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Long ago, humans lived in the sea. However, some humans defied the Sea God and moved to the land, creating the division that now exists between Shioshishio, the Sea Village, and Oshiooshi, the village of the land. Now, four middle school students from the Sea Village, Manaka Mukaido, Hikari Sakishima, Chisaki Hiradaira, and Kaname Isaki must attend Mihama Middle School on the land. While getting used to their new lives, these four and their new friend from the land, Tsumugu Kihara, learn how true bonds of love and friendship can overcome any separation.

(Source: Crunchyroll)

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