Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

24 min. per ep.

Status: 5 Seasons

Type: TV

Season: Spring 1992

Genres: Demons, Magic, Romance, Shoujo

Streaming: AnimeLabHulu

Studios: Toei Animation

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Alternative version: Sailor Moon Crystal


Usagi Tsukino is a cheerful 14-year-old schoolgirl who often finds herself in unwanted trouble. One day, she saves a talking cat named Luna from some mean kids, and her life is changed forever. Luna gives Usagi a magic brooch that transforms her into Sailor Moon, defender of love and justice! Now Usagi must work with Luna to find the other Sailor Guardians and the Moon Princess, whose Legendary Silver Crystal is Earth’s only hope against the dark forces of the evil Queen Beryl!

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