Sound! Euphonium: The Movie – Our Promise: A Brand New Day Trailer

Sound! Euphonium: The Movie – Our Promise: A Brand New Day

Hibike! Euphonium: Chikai no Finale

1 hr. 40 min.

Status: Ep Full

Type: Movie

Season: Spring 2019

Genres: Drama, Music, School

Streaming: AmazonTubiTV

Studios: Kyoto Animation

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Prequel: Sound! Euphonium 2


A new year signifies a new beginning, and that seems to be the case for Kitauji High School’s concert band. Following the graduation of the third-year seniors comes the entrance of the first-year juniors. The band members put in their utmost effort in practicing for their goal—to enter nationals.

The now second-year Kumiko Oumae, along with her friends, is met with the new and quirky batch of first-years, resulting in friction and conflict between the band members. However, as time passes, their inner feelings slowly unravel, but not every conflict is as easy to solve as the other. The trust and bonds between the band members will be challenged as they push forward for their regionals.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]

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