Yozakura Quartet

Yozakura Quartet

Yozakura Shijuusou

24 min. per ep.

Status: Ep 12/12

Type: TV

Season: Fall 2008

Genres: Action, Comedy, Magic, Shounen, Super Power, Supernatural

Streaming: HidiveVRV

Studios: Nomad

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Quartet of Cherry Blossoms in the Night

In the town of Sakurashin, humans and demons live side by side in peace. Seven ancient sakura trees known as The Seven Pillars serve as a barrier and gateway to the outside world, and guard the citizens from both human and demon threats. The duty of protecting the town and its barrier falls upon the four superpowered teenagers of the Hiizumi Life Counseling Office. When a series of strange events threatens their town’s safety, it will be up to them to restore balance to Sakurashin’s daily life.

(Source: Sentai Filmworks)

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