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Yukikaze Mave Chan

Yukikaze Mave Chan

Sentou Yousei Shoujo Tasukete! Mave-chan

23 min.

Type: OVA

Season: Winter 2005

Genres: Comedy, Parody, Sci-Fi, Shounen, Super Power

Streaming: TubiTV

Studios: Studio Fantasia

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Rei goes to an anime convention and ends up in a world created by the desires of anime fans. Rei doesn’t know how to get back and the world starts to collapse because the convention is coming to a close.

(Source: AniDB)

Alternative Titles: Sentou Yousei Shoujo Tasukete! Mave-chan, Sento Yosei Shojo Tasukete! Mave-chan, Battle Fairy Girl Help! Mave-chan, Fighting Fairy Girl Rescue Me Mave-chan, 戦闘妖精少女 たすけて!メイヴちゃん

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